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    I only play harness contests. The Meads is the only track worth betting these days. Good value, good pools.

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Saturday, 05 January 2013 08:16
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4 weeks ago
  • Gieck
    11 months ago

    Picks 4/7/4 This guy Cruse can drive. I’ve seen him win a bunch of races over the years.

    Fuzzypants Your sure spot on.
    11 months ago 1
  • Gieck
    11 months ago

    Bongiorno and his sister seem to be following in the same steps as their old man.

    Gieck All good compadres of Nick Surick. Anyone who knows anything on the inside knew he was a dirty player.I was claiming he was juicer and enhancer all throughout his disgusting career. Bongiornos can be clearly discerned as the same. Drastic improvements off claims time and time again. Disappearing horses never to race again in an overwhelmingly regularity. Breaking down and and being plowed into deep graves or incinerated.
    Their old man was a cheat back in the 80’s. He got away with it for a decade or more prior to a decision to make him an example. I love the game but only at a purist level. Todays racing game and those that are put in places to govern it, are a mockery of magnanimous proportions. Par for the course for this nation in a trickle down domino effect that has almost completely ruined everything.
    It’s now official, I’m off my soapbox. Be blessed.
    11 months ago 1